I started working remotely “full time” in July 2019 and I’m not expert in this.

Thankfully I met and I know couple people that are working remotely for more time so I could listen to how they’re doing it, think what might be good for me and what can create problems for me.

So when I started I knew couple of things:

  1. I want to have good “working” space.
  2. I need schedule.
  3. I will not deal with my private errands during “work”.
  4. I will take a break if I’m tired/my head is pounding.
  5. I will overcommunicate.
  6. I will listen to a lot of music.
  7. I will invest in hobbies to which I can switch after work.

Based on this steps I have created work place and mindset. Below you can read my schedule, ideas, things.

Working space:

Right now I have a standing desk, single 27” monitor and comfortable “gaming” chair.


  1. In the morning when I wake up I have 3 options based on how I feel:
    • take a shower
    • grab a coffee and/or breakfast
    • go right away to the desk and go through e-mails, maybe some PRs, write down ideas that accumulated during the time I had off
  2. During day I’m trying to take a short breaks to get something to drink/eat.
  3. End my work around the same hour (16 normally and 18 on Tuesday as there is company wide call at 17).

After work activity:

I have problem with stopping “work mode”. I can stop doing things but after that I’m still thinking about work/tasks. So here is what I’m doing depends on how I feel, what is the weather and so on:

  1. Before the corona virus outbreak I loved to take hour long walk (and before contusions I was running 3/4 times a week and I was also working out in gym).
  2. I got back to play Pokemon Go. Team Valor Level 35 as of writing this text.
  3. I’m trying to play with photography. I’m doing a lot of photos of city.
  4. Playing games, reading books and listening to podcasts.
  5. Cook. I’m not the best or the worst but I can test a bunch of things. Next project is to learn everything about ramen and I have to finally start testing recipes from randomly bought book about pastes.

I’m not the person that needs much social interaction. My fiancée talks a lot so I have more then enough social interaction at home.

Create your own framework !

But the most important is that you should test things and figure what works for you. We are different people and in my opinion there is no option to say “this is how you should do this”. It’s you and you need to figure it out.

Create your rules but remember that you’re creating them and you can change them at every given moment ! Don’t make them set in stone like your New Year’s resolutions.